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Percussion Inibara


Percussion Inibara:

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Percussion Inibara first official picture


Percussion Inibara 1998 during the djemboree contest in Groningen the Netherlands

Percussion Inibara played West-African percussion music from Guinean origin. The group was composed out of five musicians and two dancers. We cooperated with several Guinean master  drummers and musicians. We tried to conduct our audience and spectators towards the unique thrill created by the most vivid West-African polyrithmic drumming and dancing themes. The result was vibrating percussion music that inspired any viewer to start moving ! If you like to relax; no problem: West African percussion music has proven relaxing effects on your state of mind. As instruments we only used originals like: djembé, dununba, sangban, kenkeni, kenken, shekere, balafon, tama, djabara and even the kora is to a high degree mastered by Jo Palonga !

Jo Palonga on Kora

Although the group consisted purely out of amateur musicians most of them were gifted and have a quite impressive experience with percussion music. In 1998 Percussion Inibara beat eight other amateur percussion bands during the Africa Museum drumming festival. In november 1998 we beat another nine bands at the Djemboree drumming festival in the city of Groningen. In 2001, Inibara became second in a national contest in the city of Rotterdam. But then we did not have our dancers with us ! Our dancers dance as if they were raised in a dance minded African family ! Dance teacher Diny van den Oever, who guides the optional Dance Workshops can lean back on a extensive experience with African dance.


We did presentations on parties, openings, institutions, jubilees, business occasions and so on. With or without dance. With or without a professionally guided dance or percussion workshop !

We knew the best black african master-drummers to join us if desired !

There is a lot of interesting information in the english language on this site for djembé players ! For instance a unique multilingual page containing more than 40 pictures on how to reskin a djembé or dun-dun ! It is so appreciated that international drum enthousiasts translated it for me into Japanese and Italian ! Click on Page Service Pagina to read and learn a lot about these drums.



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Cécé Koly assists the band in 2000

Babacar Sarr (Abou) in 1998

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